Monday, May 2, 2011

Ryan Family Update

Troy is in his 3rd quarter (12 total) of Chiropractic College and truly enjoys everything about it.
His favorite class is gross anatomy and being able to hold a human heart, brain, lungs and every other part you can image!

I am doing keeping busy with the boys, yardwork, taking care of my grandfather one night a week, spending time at Grandma & Papa's house, couponing, preschool and any other hobby or project I can find time for or not ;) I am currently reading The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.

We are renting a wonderful little 3 bedroom house with a full backyard, garden and front yard. We are very happy with our little home and plan to be here until Troy graduates. Pierson will be 1 year in July and Linken 3 in October. Pierson just adores his big brother! So that's what has been going on with the Ryan family...

Troy is amazing and rides his bike to school every day RAIN or shine! This is his excitement when we finally got all the accessories he needed to stay dry. Pants, jacket and the highlight: Booties! My aunt and uncle has a fantastic egg hunt at their house for about 50 kids! It was so much fun and Linken was lucky enough to find a "golden egg." This was his prize. He was thrilled (despite the look on his face in the picture) and couldn't wait to eat it!

My hometown puts on an annual egg hunt and we love participating. My bestfriend since 4th grade lives here too and now our kids are the best of friends! Linken gets so excited when we all get together.
Linken got Wonder Pets in his basket for Easter. Thanks Grandma! And Troy made the best Flyboat EVER!Easter morning

Learning Time

Thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler (love love love this blog) I have been inspired to do a homeschool preschool with Linken. We have doing this for a couple months now and we both just LOVE it! I also have a little boy Linken's age who comes over during the week for "school." After Pierson was born Linken was out of his mind BORED and needed stimulation. I started with Oopsey-Daisy and her creative play and themed activities. Then we have so much fun that I started searching for more resources. I found several great blogs and we have been having so much fun. Tots Trays, Power Points by 1+1+1=1, Preschool Packets by HomeschoolCreations and that has just been a start....

Workbox System

Transportation Packet by HomeschoolCreations
Letter I for Inchworm by Confessions of a Homeschooler