Thursday, April 29, 2010

Candid Shots

First ride on a Power Wheels

First time playing with Playdoh.
Being silly while helping Grandpa Compton bbq on the deck.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome Spring

Sorry no pics this post just a family update...

Linken is now 18 months and growing so fast. His little mind is a sponge soaking up everything and anything. I am always looking for new ways to keep him busy and entertained. His new favorite thing is a plastic blue stool that he carries around everywhere with him turning lights on and off and getting into anything he can. He starts his first "Tumbling Tots" class this coming Monday. It is a 4 week course and he gets to play on gymnastic equipment, trampolines and play with other children.

I am taking a Vegetarian Beans and Grains Cooking class in May. I am trying to learn more about cooking with veggies, beans, tofu and vegan dishes. So any good recipes send them my way. I am 27 weeks prego and we are struggling with coming up with a boy name. Good thing we have 3 more months.

Troy is still working full-time until October. He will be starting an online course next week to complete his prerequisites for school. We recently went to the University for an orientation and catered lunch. It was nice to learn about the school, take a campus tour and spend some grown-up time together (thanks grandma for watching Linken).

So that's what is going on in the Ryan house this month :)